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On the tech industry

List some of the most valuable Tech companies in the world:

The software industry is the home of the fastest-growing companies in the world and the highest gross and net profit margins in the world.

Why did the software had to be very simple in the beginning?

How much money did Microsoft receive for every PC that IBM sold?

Any business in the world have three value options for their strategy and they are:


What is cloud computing?

Clouds are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional data centers.

A private cloud :

What is Microsoft Azure?

What are the business benefits of cloud adoption?

Computers, Software and Programming

A program expressed in a list of binary and Instructions is called machine code.

The version of a program that a human understands is called source code.

To build a Web application you need to pick:

What is a front end developer and what kind of languages do they use?

What is a back end developer and what kind of languages do they use?

What is C#?

Open Source Software

What is an Open Source Software?

What is a proprietary software?

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux.

What is MySQL?

How an Open Source is monetized?

Open Source software can be used by companies that are not in the IT sector.


What is Odoo?

What does ERP stand for?

What does CRM stand for?

Which is the primary programming language used for Odoo?

List some of Odoo's feature.

You have to be a developer to use Odoo.


Which company provides the OdooHire Service?

Describe the OdooHire Service

In which hourly contingents is OdooHire service provided?

Programming languages

Java is related to JavaScript

What is the difference between a low-level computer language and a high-level one? Give examples of both.

List 10 programming languages.

What python is being used for?


Java is database/platform independent.

List some of the business advantages when using Java?


What are the main programming languages used to build iOS apps?

How mobile apps can influence business growth?

What are the main programming languages used to build Android apps?

Blockchain (Optional)

What is blockchain technology?

How does blockchain work?

Which are the industries that blockchain is disrupting?

Blockchain disrupts cybersecurity because there is no need of middleman making it more efficient than many legacy systems and cybersecurity.

How is blockchain disrupting healthcare?

Smart contracts are: