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How to setup a regular PostgreSQL database backup

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I'm not familiar with PostgreSQL database administration , so I figured I might ask for help from someone more knowledgeable on the subject. What would you recommend in order to setup a regular (daily) OpenERP database backup? Ideally, this would be done without stopping the database (hot backup). Is it possible to setup incremental backups, e.g., one weekly reference backup and daily incremental backups? Are there any automation scripts available I might use? (I'm using Ubuntu Server.)


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I use the following setup:

  1. Backup-Script
  2. Housekeeping script (deletes backups which are older than 30 days)
  3. Create daily cronjobs in to run Backup and Housekeeping Script. The backup runs daily at 1am and the housekeeping job runs daily at 5am.

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